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Secure Belongings at Our Strong Self-Storage Unit

You need to be extremely careful while shifting homes. If not, there’s always a high chance of misplacing important belongings! Store your things at our self-storage unit. This is a common requirement when there is an issue at the new home. All of a sudden, you may find yourself stranded in a noman’s land between the old home and the new. Adding to the woes are the lots of furniture that you must stow away safely.

We assure peace of mind

Allow us to help you out.
We have a highly-guarded Reading self storage unit to meet any kind of storage need. No matter how long you need to set things right at your new home, we provide complete peace of mind. The facility is at a secured location where admittance is strictly regulated. We have cameras all over the place, monitored 24/7. It’s like not even a fly can pass by without us taking notice! Not only that, we send regular alerts to our clients regarding the status of their belongings.

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From storage to moving

You have the assurance of complete peace of mind. This lets you focus on things like resolving the issues at your new home, or arranging the pack and move. We are with you all through. Apart from storing your valuables, we will also provide man and van services. Our clients rate us as extremely efficient, capable of handling storage and moving tasks of any magnitude. Arranging a good moving service is a logistical feat, but we make it look easy.

Invested on trust

With us, you invest in trust. It is the very foundation of everything we do, storing, packing, unpacking, or moving. We do everything necessary so that your investment is safe. This starts from carefully handpicking our staffers. Simply having many years of experience in the field does not make the cut in our books. We interview all candidates thoroughly, and get background checks done before adding them to the roster. All our staffers must undergo periodic evaluation to prove their suitability for various job roles.

Invested on infrastructure

We also invest heavily in the best available infrastructure. We have an impressive fleet of high-performing vehicles. All vans undergo scheduled maintenance before leaving for the road. As for storage, we employ the latest infrared CCTV setup. From padlocks on the storage doors to secured fences, we make sure nothing is amiss.

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Long-term and short-term needs

You can rent a unit for as long as you like. There are no restrictions whatsoever. For example, you got a job anywhere else and need to relocate on short notice. You must vacate your existing place, but are yet to arrange a good place to stay across the pond. In the meanwhile, we will keep your belongings safely. Many people also want a short-time arrangement. Keep your belongings securely while your house gets painted, renovated, or your plumbing gets repaired. We often process self-storage requests from people who have had a flooding or fire hazard at their properties.

Both personal and commercial needs

You can avail the benefits of our self-storage unit for both personal and commercial needs. Any business owner in the locality needing a temporary warehouse for their consignments should contact us. We offer highly competitive rates. Discuss your needs with us. You can rent one unit or multiple ones, as per your requirements.

Convenient loading and unloading

Our storage Reading and Berkshire facilities have been designed with convenience in mind. You will have no issues driving your vehicle to the designated unit, and unloading it on the spot. We keep our facility open seven days a week, which is extremely helpful for anyone planning a weekend home renovation. Just as we are open to a quick arrangement in emergency situations, our staff are also quick to process the release orders. Following some simple paperwork, and clearing of payments, you can take your things away.

Well-maintained units

Rest assured, you will receive your storage space only after we have cleaned up after the previous occupation. We regularly inspect our units to ensure there is no mould formation, stagnant water, or insect problems. The electrical systems also undergo periodic checkups to assure you that you don’t get a dark or dingy room. Whenever you need, call or drop us a line. A trained executive will immediately get in touch.

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