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Competent Service for Office and Garage Clearance Reading

Offices and garages may accumulate a ton of unwanted items over time. For example, as offices grow, they leave behind unwanted electronic items. Old monitors, CPUs, printers, and copiers, are stowed in the storage room. Added to these is the rubbish from electrical work, plumbing jobs, etc. Likewise, garages often turn into dumping grounds for all unwanted items in the house. Old kitchen appliances, electrical fixtures, and unused furniture pieces get stacked over one another over the years. Clearing up this huge mess requires time and effort. Consider hiring a competent service for office and garage clearance Reading. Besides, certain types of rubbish items need professional handling. We are experts at the job and can handle all and any clearance work efficiently.

Frees up office space

Junk items create a hindrance to growth. They occupy cabins, spare rooms, and workstations. Besides, having unused items in the office creates a sense of clutter that affects the morale of employees. Also, it is not hygienic at all as unused items gather dust, and hence becoming breeding ground for germs. We understand all these problems and can quickly come to the rescue. Besides, it also helps you save on renting additional space for office growth. We will always ensure that you have the maximum available space in your office.
Also, offices may regularly have visitors. Suppose, a client comes and tries to access the computer in the nearest cubicle. If it is defunct by chance, it creates a negative impression on the client. This is something that you may not be able to afford! Call a clearance service early on to take care of the issue.

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Environmental audit requirements

Sometimes, office clearance may be necessary as per an environmental audit. It can be an internal audit or one asked by external agencies. Ours is a licensed service, and you will be supplied with a clearance certificate on completion. We will take care of the clearance job itself and proper disposal of the rubbish.We keep track of all our activities, so can provide a detailed factual report.

Clearing off construction waste

Both offices and homes undertake construction work from time to time. Pulling off those drywalls and peeling off the plaster from the walls create a huge amount of waste. It needs to be cleared up fast. Otherwise, it is a health hazard besides being an eyesore. We have a high-performing team of man and van who can clear away the construction waste fast. Construction works can continue over a span of days, so the wastes will accumulate. We suggest cleaning it up on a day-to-day basis. This will actually ensure that the work in hand goes on in a rapid pace. We will assign a team of efficient men who will observe all safety precautions while removing construction waste. Our responsibility is to see that the waste is disposed of properly as per standard environmental protocols.

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Providing resale value with old furniture

Homes and office spaces may have a lot of old furniture items lined up for clearance work. These items may be in otherwise usable condition, despite being outdated. These items can have good resale value, depending on their conditions. If it is a piece of antique mahogany dresser in your home, expect a fine price for it.
Again, many small startups often look for great deals on used office furniture. We have access to an extensive network of sellers and resellers who can get your used furniture items sold very quickly. Our office and garage clearance Reading services are completely transparent. Our team will provide you with a due receipt on the used furniture sale.Our clearance work is often tied with removals jobs. We will initially provide you with a quote for house and office clearance. The final quote will be adjusted with the charge depreciation by resale value.

Cleaning up after the clearance work

We will make sure that your office space looks like new after we complete our job. The same commitment goes even for the garage clearance work. All removable items are first packed into disposable plastic bags so that they do not spill over when we move the rubbish from the floor to the van. That said, there can still be some spillover when we put the waste into bags. Our men will sweep and mop the floor after the last trace of rubbish has been cleared. Ours is a licensed agency holding a waste carriers license. We would also provide you with a WTN (Waste Transfer Note) once the rubbish has been loaded on the vans.

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